January 8, 2021

The “Lost Scale” of Healing Music #4

If you don’t take measures to recover from this daily onslaught of information overload and “go! go! go!” pace we have these days, it catches up and spanks you ..
January 8, 2021

Your Brain is a Tuning Fork #3

Alright, welcome back to our ongoing conversation regarding immune-supporting passive stress-discharging methods …
January 8, 2021

Why You Should Hug a Tree #2

Alright, so last time we discussed using Sound as a way of passively discharging immune-compromising stress from your body and brain …
January 8, 2021

Hit Your Body’s Reset Button #1

Lately, we’ve been discussing active and passive ways to reduce stress and achieve restful, deep-healing sleep …
December 28, 2020

The “Skinny” on Cookware

Welcome back to our conversation on metal toxicity and common cookware. If you’re like me, you probably never considered it before, but it’s super important
December 28, 2020

Is Your Slow Cooker Not-So-Slowly Poisoning You?

The Holidays are upon us, which means gathering around the table with friends and family for some traditionally hearty - and hopefully healthy - home-cooked meals …
December 17, 2020

Tis The Season To Be … Stressed!

Having things you want to do but feeling too tired to do them OR enjoy them, especially during the holidays ...
December 7, 2020

The Miracle in Your Medicine Cabinet – Pt. #4

Alright, let’s finish off our 4 Part Nutrient Saturation series with our fourth and final, super potent micronutrient …
December 7, 2020

“Stored Sunshine:” The 700-Year-Old Superfood! – Pt. #3

Like our discussion of Active and Passive ways to combat stress and strengthen your immune system, this series highlights more all-natural ways your body can fight off infection …