August 24, 2020

Part 4: The “Glue” in You!

OK … welcome back, working “Stiffs” – pun intended! So far, we’ve covered some of my favorite natural ways to reduce inflammation over the past few days, ie. Anti-Inflammatory ‘Things’ 1-3
August 24, 2020

Part 3: Higher Ground(ing):

Another natural and free anti-inflammatory that I try to use daily is called Earthing or Grounding. Basically, stick your bare feet on the ground and let the earth itself be your antioxidant.
August 24, 2020

Part 2: Get Your Hide Outside!

OK … welcome back “working stiffs” … to recap we’re talking about how to reduce inflammation caused by work-related travel, in particular the intensely stressful “Seminar Season” …
August 24, 2020

A Survival Guide for the Working “Stiff” ( in 5 Parts)

I was recently a guest on a health podcast, which got me thinking about ways to prepare for what I call “Seminar Season.” If you’re on any kind of work circuit – trade shows or seminars, etc.
August 19, 2020

The Lazy way to shed stress

Stress makes you sick and weak.You need to discharge it daily, and you’re not always going to have time for Active methods.When I want to Passively Discharge stress.
August 19, 2020

Drink your way out of stress?

Here’s what to know… I was thinking about this last night – some of these Active stress discharging and stress resilience techniques I’ve been talking about can be a pain in the butt.
August 19, 2020

80,000 died last year from this

According to the US CDC, 80,000 people died from plain old normal flu last winter! That’s a LOT. And even if you don’t die from it, being struck down from the flu can cost you weeks of productivity.
August 19, 2020

Are you a victim of this herb?

I ended up in a clinic with horrifically inflamed eyes from overdosing on echinacea once. Yeah, that happened. So there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about supporting your immune system.
August 18, 2020

If you can’t use blue light glasses…

If you're in this situation or just plain don't feel like wearing special glasses all the time, there are two other things you can use to filter computer screens and reduce your exposure to blue light: