If You Listen To Your Body whisper You’ll Never Have To Hear It SCREAM


Why Drinking The Wrong Type of Water Slowly Kills You

What Water Actually Is Like most people, you were probably taught that water is just…water. Believe it or not, water by itself, i.e., “H2O” is not found in nature and is only manufactured as a lab product.

Water is actually a universal solvent and was always meant to carry something. Water is H2O with other things dissolved in it, usually minerals which affect pH and micronutrient balances in the body.

Water Facts

Research on over 40,000 people shows that on average we absorb less than 10% of the water we drink and at least 94% of us are dehydrated.

A 2012 University of Connecticut study of women who were dehydrated by just 1.36% found an adverse effect on concentration, became fatigued, and had lowered cognitive performance.

Just a 5% drop in fluid levels can lead to a 24%-35% drop in energy.

Most adults reach this level of dehydration one or more times every week making them likely to report frequent headaches, confusion, and lack of energy. Our cells are 2/3 water by volume.

The key to optimal hydration is replenishing the 64% of the water in your body that is inside your cells.

There are 99 water molecules for every 100 molecules in your body. The amount and type of water in your cells is incredibly important to your every bodily function.


What Roles Water Plays In The Body


As you age, you literally dry out from a loss of cell volume and an imbalance of water inside the cell membrane. Not drinking enough water accelerates this process.


Being dehydrated slows the activity of enzymes, including the ones that make energy for you- water helps the mitochondria, the “powerhouse of the cell” make more energy.


You produce about 7 liters of digestive juices a day. If you are not hydrated enough, the secretions are compromised and your digestion is affected.


Clears waste using the lymph system-without proper hydration this becomes sluggish.


You need proper hydration to make sure your body temp can be regulated effectively.


Without adequate hydration, your kidneys can’t flush water-soluble toxins from your body.


This is used to make your cell membranes. When the inside of your cells become too starved for water, the body tries to stop the loss by manufacturing more cholesterol to reinforce the cell membrane – this slows down the loss of water from the inside of the cell, but introduces too much cholesterol into your bloodstream.


Without enough water, your blood becomes thicker, and the blood vessels contract. This makes the body work harder to move blood through the veins, increasing blood pressure.


Dehydrated skin looks dull, gray, and dry. It also loses its elasticity. Your skin is also your body’s largest detox organ through SWEAT – without enough water, you don’t sweat enough, resulting in concentrated toxin deposits in your skin and the resulting adverse skin conditions.


Cerebral spinal fluid - This is a conductive fluid, and how your nervous system communicates the nerve impulses with the rest of the body. This is also one of the last areas to become hydrated, so the rest of your body has to be super-hydrated before your cerebral spinal fluid is topped off.


Synovial fluid in joints and discs lubricates them. Discs are non-vascular, they hydrate by a process of diffusion only which requires the RIGHT KIND of water with proper structure. This is HUGE if you have back pain or degenerative disc disease.


Your body uses water as a pathway to transmit hormones and neurotransmitters efficiently. Without enough water, this process breaks down. This is commonly seen in people with “afternoon slump” energy crises. In most cases, they just need to drink enough of the right kind of water to perk up for the rest of the day.

What Is Hydration, Really?

The key to hydration is UPTAKE, not INTAKE. Have you ever experienced drinking large amounts of water and still being thirsty?

Maybe going to the bathroom far too frequently as well? This has to do with the quality of your water, not the quantity.

There are different types of water, and not all are recognized by the body.

In 2003 Physician, Professor, and Molecular Biologist from Johns Hopkins University Peter Agre discovered the “Aquaporin” or water channel. Imagine little keyholes or gates on the outside of your cell membranes. They all have the same unique shape, and water molecules have to line up outside the cell and enter one by one to get inside the cell where it’s most needed-its like a key in a lock. The issue is almost all modern water practices give you the wrong key! The structure of the water is broken by commercial processing and contaminants.

For optimal hydration, water needs to penetrate your cells (intracellular hydration) rather than passing through the body without being absorbed (extracellular hydration). The aquaporins only recognize and let in the right shape of molecule.

Lack of intracellular hydration explains how you could consume water and not get hydrated. It is the water that goes into your cells that matters and it is the cavities inside your cells where approximately ⅔ of your water is held.


Shocking Poisons Found In Your Water Today

As a society, our current water systems are very good at not getting us immediately sick. But this same system that is great at killing pathogens is also great at killing us slowly.

There are some horrifying contaminants in your municipal water supply – and there is NO system in place to protect you from them. None.

There is a witch’s brew of pharmaceuticals drugging you every DAY. This includes antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones.

These have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans by an Associated Press investigation.

Water providers don’t disclose the results of drug screening their water. When pressed, the head of a group representing major California suppliers said the public “doesn’t know how to interpret the information” and might be unnecessarily alarmed


Pesticides, lead and arsenic are also commonly present in “safe” drinking water. Even a small amount of exposure causes significant mitochondrial (remember, these little friends inside our cells produce ALL our energy) dysfunction. How Water Impacts Weight

37% of Americans mistake thirst for hunger because their thirst reflex is so weak.

3% Mild dehydration slows down the metabolism by as much as 3%.

10% One glass of water in a University of Washington experiment shut down hunger pangs in almost 10% of dieters.

CarboHYDRATE: For each gram of carbs you eat, you’ll be storing about 3-4 grams of water. You will retain fluid. Concerned about weight? Add healthy fats and proteins and lower carbs.

Poisons Found In Your Water


A known carcinogen, it’s also a neurotoxin that causes brain damage, nerve disease, inflammation in motor nerves, and demyelination.


Lead causes decreased mitochondrial function in every part of the brain. Lead exposure also causes cognitive and behavioral impairments. May enlarge the mitochondria and lead to malfunction, leading to impaired motor coordination, brain damage, seizures, convulsions, learning, and behavioral problems.


There are many, but the most common one you will run into from a class known as “organophosphates”, commonly known as Round-Up. The US EPA lists organophosphates as acutely toxic to bees, wildlife, and humans.

Even low-level exposure to fetuses and children cause lower IQ’s and they will have lifelong problems with learning and memory. In adults, organophosphates irreversibly inactivate an enzyme in your body that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine; when you can’t get rid of excess amounts of this neurotransmitter, you get bad effects downstream.

This also disrupts mitochondrial function, destroys their membrane, reduces ATP (energy) production, wreaks havoc on antioxidant cellular defenses, and promotes cell death. Good times.


THE STANDARD method of water treatment. Chlorine is BLEACH! Bleach is an antibiotic. It kills everything. Chronic low dose exposure to antibiotics kills your gut biome and all the “good guy” bacteria in it leading to all kinds of deleterious chronic health conditions down the road.


Dr. Robert Carleton, former EPA scientist says fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of the century.

Let’s be clear on what fluoride actually is:

It was excellent rat poison in the earlier part of the 1900s. It is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic. It is a toxic waste byproduct of many heavy industries, such as the production of pesticides, fertilizers, aluminum, iron, steel, copper, lead, uranium, brick, cement, and glass. These industries would normally have to pay high fees to dispose of fluoride. Instead, they sell it to water districts.

Until the 1950’s doctors prescribed fluoride to reduce thyroid function. Just two mg a day is enough to harm your thyroid function, if you drink fluoridated water you are consuming an average of 1.6-6.6mg per day. Fluoride accumulates in your bones and can lead to increased amounts of bone cancer, as well as making the bones more brittle. It can also reduce intelligence in children and cause dementia in adults.

Alkaline water is a LIE

Shocking right? I couldn’t believe it either! It seems like you hear about the health benefits everywhere you look.

The short answer is this: The benefit of alkaline water is not from the pH, it’s because most methods used to produce it also produce dissolved molecular hydrogen as a byproduct. And THAT was the health benefit all along.

IN FACT, studies have proven alkaline water produced via chemistry method vs electrolysis does not have the same benefit as the electrolysis version-this is because it does not contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Which makes sense, because you or I could change the pH of water dramatically with just one teaspoon of baking soda…so why are people buying these expensive alkaline water machines?

In nature, the pH of water has to do with the mineral content. When it comes to the alkaline water machines, they are literally splitting the water molecules open using electricity which causes something called the disassociation of water, by splitting up the ionic compounds-not a natural phenomenon.

The ionizer electrodes also release toxic heavy metals into the source water that is later ingested. Yuk!


Where To Find The Very Best Drinking Water Or Make It Yourself

Bottled Water

The only requirement by law is that bottled water be as good as tap water. That’s it.

The Environmental Working Group found 38 contaminants in 10 major brands including nitrates, arsenic, and industrial chemicals. So, there’s that.

What about the plastics? Well, most plastic has phytoestrogenic compounds in it. These are substances that mimic estrogen and add it to your body in excess amounts, with harmful downstream effects like various cancers.

BPA is only one of the hundreds of plastic types that have phytoestrogens in it; it just happens to be the most well known to the public, so the manufacturers market “BPA Free” yet continue to poison you with many of the other phytoestrogenic plastic compounds.

Plastics don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade. Light breaks them down…and water is a universal solvent. So it sits there on the store shelf and disperses its chemicals into the water. You’re drinking plastic tea and literal estrogen water.


Brita is owned by Clorox, first of all. A bleach manufacturer. I think it should be pointed out that is says on the Brita box that it removes the taste and smell of chlorine but doesn’t remove chlorine; which is bleach. Go figure. Thanks, Brita.

Water Filtration Systems

What you need to look out for here is mainly two things: The risk of creating unstructured “blank” or hungry water that actually strips your body of necessary micro nutrients and doesn’t hydrate you properly It has to remove fluoride and pharmaceutical drugs which is hard to do

Let’s look at reverse osmosis or “RO” systems; they are very good at getting almost everything out of the water (but not pesticides or chlorine) but they break the structure of water. Essentially, the high pressures used to force the water through the membrane distorts the shape of the water molecules, making your aquaporins unable to recognize the water molecule and let it through the cell membrane. As 64% of water is held inside your cells, this is a critical issue.

Distilled water has the same issues as RO water in breaking the structure of the molecule as well as creating water that is too blank.

You see, with both of these methods, the water that comes out is so stripped of everything that the water is “hungry” – it’s a universal solvent looking for something to carry in itself. When you drink this type of water, it STRIPS your body and your cells of vital micronutrients like copper, zinc, magnesium, and others that most people are woefully deficient in.

There are, however, chemistry-based and some media-based water filters that if used with proper water structuring and remineralizing devices on the output, will create outstanding water. Do your research carefully, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors online.

Well water

When you drill down and tap into an aquifer, you are accessing water from an underground lake that water has gone through hundreds or even thousands of years to fill up. It is some of the cleanest and purest water you can find. The issue is that the water isn’t ready yet; nature hasn’t presented it to you to drink from a bubbling spring and it may not be properly structured. So well waters tend to be too high in certain minerals, iron being a common one. The water hasn’t traveled long enough yet to shake out the excess minerals, and so most mineral waters are in fact well waters, known in the bottled water industry as “artesian”.


The cleanest, purest, healthiest living raw water you can get is from a natural spring.


The cleanest, purest, healthiest living raw water you can get is from a natural spring. The water has now traveled up from the aquifer and those water molecules have been tumbled and spun along the way, this makes the water molecule react with the earth’s geomagnetic field and produces a weak form of electrolysis that not only properly structures the water molecule so your aquaporins can recognize it, it also usually contains a small amount of dissolved molecular hydrogen.

Springwater also hydrates the body better because it has a lower surface tension, which is akin to softness, wetness, and smoothness, allowing it to penetrate cells easily. It’s something you can literally feel in your mouth, there is a difference.

One GREAT free resource is findaspring.com – depending on where you live, it can be pretty easy to find publicly accessible natural springs to harvest water from. Mountain Valley is a company that has been delivering its spring water nationwide for over a hundred years – and the water that comes out of their spring has a hydrological cycle of over 3,000 years! It’s incredible stuff once you try it. You can actually see the amount of energy that spring water stores in comparison to processed water. Yes, water stores energy-it has a strong charge to it that your body uses. In the scientific community, this is called “EZ” water for Exclusion Zone. In fact, it uses a hexagonal structure just like you would see in a honeycomb because this arrangement stores the most amount of energy in the least amount of space. In this photo, you can see that the processed water is dead, devoid of energy, and not structured, while the raw spring water is vital and bursting with energy at the seams.